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 * in all states that impose an income tax except CA/MD/NY/OR

Update: IRS extends tax filing deadline to July 15, 2020 for all personal or business returns.

MD Anderson - Online Tax Man     My name is M.D. Anderson and I live in Arizona. I'm the President* of my own financial planning firm and have been professionally preparing personal income tax returns for my Arizona clients for 32+ years. As clients moved away or farther from my office in the east valley of Phoenix metro area, they quickly discovered they could still use my tax preparation services by just faxing me their tax papers or copying them to PDF format and emailing them to me.

      My experience is that many of the tax shops run you through and miss a lot of deductions because they charge by the "form", not by the hour as our firm does. This can end up costing you thousands in some cases, by tax preparers filling out the various tax forms as quickly as possible.

      Some who have moved away from my office still like to see me face to face and so we use Skype, Zoon, Google Duo or FaceTime to still have that "one on one", face to face tax interview session so many grew accustomed to over the years. There is something about a "one on one" interview I must admit - it may be more productive to find every deduction we can find for you. (Meaning you pay lower taxes)

      In fact, one long term Financial Strategies, Inc. client did some temporary work overseas. We had his wife sitting in my office and he was on Skype coming into my 2nd monitor. It was a cinch to prepare the returns just like they were both in the room. As we become smaller and smaller in this wired world - the new normal is buying the things you want and now - doing your financial services online as well! Thus, we are THE WIRED TAX PREPARER firm you will want to use this year.

     This could be you relaxing after emailing me your tax papers and then going to take a nap on the beach while I do all the work. No matter where you are, outside of a few states that don't allow me to prepare tax returns for you - (I have been offering my professional tax consulting services to many I have never personally met for quite a few years), you probably will have less hassle and save more money using my online services. Which brings up my offer to you coming up below...

      These aren't just easy slam dunk returns like form 1040 with not schedules. Many have trusted my internet tax services to prepare complicated Form 1041 Trust and Estate returns and are glad they found me. Along with my legal partner Dr. Saul S. Gefter, Esquire -- our firm consults on 5 to 25 million dollars of inherited IRA account assets every year when beneficiaries inherit large retirement accounts. We help rescue the money from instant taxation. (I have been interviewed and published often as a nationwide known tax/estate expert)

* Financial Strategies, Inc. (FSI) is an Arizona Profit Corporation since 1990.

An Irresistible Offer For You

     So if you found this website, or were directed here, why not consider the advantages of switching to an internet accountant to prepare your 2019 personal returns? 

      I know some clients who came to me over the years were trying to do their own returns and it just about made them go nuts. I have both lawyers and CPA's that hire me in my retirement plan and estate settlement consulting work online (done nationwide and for Ex-Pats abroad) all the time - all because they didn't specialize in the areas I specialize in.

      Still, some would be leery of an offer like this. That is why I want to first state the advantages and disadvantages so you can compare. Don't worry about pricing as I will get to that too. (Just know there is a huge potential for price savings using online tax preparation services)

Advantages of Using a Wired Tax Preparer

1.  No appointment needed unless you desire a "live" tax interview.  (If so, we are glad to schedule you)

2.  Cost savings because of efficiency, especially if you deliver all documents necessary.

3.  No fuel expense to drive anywhere.

4.  You can give us everything we need by filing out our organizer worksheets and returning them.

5.  Secure data sharing via the "cloud". (We use Drop Box and give you a free directory)

6.  Year round services as we don't shut down after the filing season ends.

7.  A lot of time savings, especially if you just scan your "shoebox" receipts to us to add up and formulate for you. (or after March 15th... you do that task first)

8.  Discounts are offered your first year and a "loyalty" discount waits for you when you return.

9.  Electronic storage of your data and E-file records as well as return copies you can access by your smart phone or computer anytime you want.

10.Satisfaction you have hired a true professional with a proven track record and the highest scores in ethics and business operations.

Dis-Advantages of Using a Wired Tax Preparer

1. No chance to meet new people sitting around in the waiting room. You know, the big fat guy who is sweating, eating a stinky taco and his wet skin is occasionally touching you.

2. No chance to catch up on your phone mail and Facebook friends while you wait for your appointment to take place, sometime up to an hour.

3. No chance to get put up on charges because your Uncle Fred prepared your return without a license and said he would split all the refund money he promises to get you back from claiming Polly the Parrot and Doogle the Doggie as extra dependents.

O.K.... you get the picture right?  Actually, there really aren't any disadvantages.

      So, if you want to hire FSI to make life simpler, you can take comfort that we have a perfect regulatory and compliance record to date. Plus regarding IRS and other state agencies - no client audits have ever taken place with our clients.  Also many of our "core" clients from inception are still with us, decades after we incorporated way back in 1990!

      You don't have to worry about online tax scams by using my online tax preparation services. Though the internet does have some "imposters" posing as legitimate tax preparation firms  to "phish" for your social security number, the IRS goes after them often. And, we are not one of them.

      These firms are easy to spot since they will illegally promise fantastic refunds or make other unreasonable claims.  Though some are registered with the IRS properly like our firm**, others are just criminals trying to take advantage of you!

      Doing business with me long distance is just like doing business with me face to face. (I encourage face to face video chats) ** Our IRS preparer identification number is available upon request.

      In additions, perhaps you have had it with your local accountant, tax person, or national firm. Maybe, you are tired of them using gimmicks to get you in the door. Or sick of those loading you up with high priced fees they "take" out of your refund. Even the countless "excuses" for not getting your returns done on time may be why you are searching for an alternative.

     Or maybe you are aware of the numerous fines and censures national firms have received lately for pushing everything from mortgages to financial services you don't really want. Some of the things they have done are downright dirty dealing, yet many don't even know about it!

So, now it's time you find out - READ THIS SCATHING REPORT!

Auditing Past Returns You Have Filed


      If you are a victim of the mistakes made by someone who only had to take a class to be able to prepare your return, don't worry. My firm does free audits up to 3 years back on Federal returns you've already filed! (Some states allow us to go back further, including Arizona)

     Since 1998, I do some of the most complicated tax consulting on the planet, specifically, helping large estate managers keep inherited IRA type accounts from getting taxed at the deaths of the owners.  My work in that field is well known in the financial industry. My tax consulting corporation has rescued millions and millions of dollars from needless taxation on small as well as multi-million dollar IRA accounts. Saved from the bad advice of bad advisers that is!

      Consider letting Financial Strategies, Inc. prepare your 2019 personal returns and any past due returns you may have failed to get filed on time in the past. My specialty over the years is helping people catch up who have fallen behind on return filing and stay caught up. 

Uncle Sam Money Bag      Maybe it's time for a change on your part. Maybe Uncle Sam has been getting too much of your hard earned money. One thing is certain, your taxes most likely are going up! Let me prepare your 2019 returns, then assist in formulating a game plan that "lowers" your tax bite for the future. Giving away trillions of free "stimulus" money to citizens in 2020 will require higher taxes in the very near future.

HOW TO HIRE:  It is easy to engage my tax preparation services, a starter retainer fee is set during our first phone conversation. Neither party is obligated until the retainer is paid. An online payment portal allows easy debit/credit card payments. (No client representation is present until retainer is paid) Please note that a special discount of 10% is given to all "online" clients.

Any final tax preparation fee due (if any), will be due and payable and must be paid before I file your return electronically.

Note: All electronic filing is complimentary and free!

 Just E-mail Your "Shoe Box" PDF File

(Financial Strategies, Inc. is an approved IRS "ERO" (Electronic Return Originator) firm. We prepare Federal and State personal tax returns (Form 1040 versions) in all states that impose an income tax except CA/MD/NY/OR.

Note: This service and special pricing is for online FSI NEW clients only.  Current local and national Arizona clients are offered "online" tax preparation at normal firm billing rate fees.

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Toll Free Phone:  1-800-782-2806

Local AZ Phone:  480-345-1616

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Notice:  M. D. Anderson practices in Arizona, as well as most states as an accountant, tax consultant and tax preparer. Additional services are also provided in some states on a limited basis.  All services are provided through his Arizona financial planning corporation, Financial Strategies, Inc. Certain services are provided to Arizona residents only.  A quick call at no obligation will inform you if a particular service is available in your state.  Please note, M. D. is not a lawyer and under his AZCLDP (Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer) licensing in the state of Arizona, he can NOT give legal opinions or advice.  However, he can give you general legal information that will help you make good decisions on proper legal documents you may need, or to give you legal information that may help you form your own legal strategies or procedures.  You can hire him to prepare quality, valid legal estate planning documents to fit your specific needs which are guaranteed to be state of the art and current under the laws of the state of Arizona.

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